NEW YORK | 520 5th Ave | 1,000 FT | 76 FLOORS

@NewYorkCity76, It was taken from my own digital model of the city (Midtown Manhattan atleast).

Here is the finished model put into an image I took from The Edge last September. From this particular angle the building will make it’s impact for a short time until 343 Madison Ave comes up to the right of it later on. I also included my massing for 270 Park Ave (though of course no rival to @ThreeWentDown’s depictions).

And also a general render of the building in the evening from the southern corner of the NYPL on Fifth, while I find more images to photoshop. This is really such an elegant building.


Very nice models! Also a fact I learned recently, this building will be taller than 262 Fifth by like 3 inches lol.

Also while the Edge is a very good vantage point for most big developments rn (Penn Station, HY 2, etc) do you think we’ll be able to see the PABT development getting built?


Isn’t 262 Fifth Avenue taller though by 11 ft?

No it was decreased down to 1,000 ft. While this one was increased by 5 feet

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Ah, I see now. I just saw the updated height on SSP :+1:

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@mcart Are you asking if it will be visible from The Edge deck? A large portion of the view in the direction of the PABT development is now blocked by 50 Hudson Yards and the Spiral. The Lincoln Tunnel lot (Sites 3/4) are located is only half visible from the indoor portion of the Observation level. The lots where the bus parking/loading will be will never (if only a little) be visible from anywhere on The Edge, and the Lot where the current Terminal sits where Sites 1 and 2 are situated will only be visible once the construction reaches a certain height. Also thanks!

Another render from street level using Google Street view imagery.


Thank you for the info! Hopefully at least one of the PABT supertalls has an observation deck, or bar etc so we can get good views of developments from that angle


Sure thing @mcart, always happy to provide logistics.

Another view of the building from the ESB 86th floor Observation Deck, sorry for the older picture. This view is probably the most impacted view, but I can not recall any projects that would be blocked by this tower so it actually nicely fills in this void from the ESB looking towards Central Park. You can also see a sliver of 270 Park Avenue to the right.


This is gonna look so good in the skyline when it goes up. Any ETA to when? 2025/6?

Though it seems like excavation is still in progress, once this gets past street level I expect it to go up fairly fast. The site isn’t that big and the concrete structure of course narrows as it rises.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it tops out in 2024/ is completed in 2025.


Your renderings make me like this project a lot more, it looks great in the skyline. Fantastic work!


I though that you were Tom, and that he changed his name. Are you Xing?

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No. That’s @ThreeWentDown
Very talented dude


I agree. Thanks

I’m still me! These are my most detailed models


Could you post a view looking from the WTC?

Yes indeed @robertwalpole, I can assure you that @TK2000, @ThreeWentDown and I are all different people. I was wondering why you were calling me Tom on SSP and did make the connection that you must’ve thought I was Thomas.

Thank you TK, I think everyone should appreciate this building, It will be a beautiful addition to Midtown East among the bulkier new buildings being proposed/ UC.

@bmosborne, this building actually won’t be visible at all from One World Observatory, it will be perfectly hidden behind the Empire State Building.


Thanks! You’re three great forum members! (Sine you and Tom both have TK in your names, I thought that you were him, and that he just modified his name.)

Thanks for your great contributions, gents.


Thought that this would be an interesting angle to view the building since it’s very rare that we see “view from above” renders like from an airplane. This angle nicely shows the slender profile of the building (upper center).

Imagery from Google Earth

Also, I love a good isometric view, this one really shows how thin the building is and shows off it’s multi width/dimensioned windows.

I’ve been trying to find an image to show off the beautiful detail of the window panels but haven’t been able to get the right view.