NEW YORK | 514 West 36th Street | 450 FT | 25 FLOORS

„ Permits have been filed for a 25-story commercial building at 514 West 36th Street in Hudson Yards, Manhattan. Located between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, the lot is two blocks north of the 34 Street-Hudson Yards subway station, serviced by the 7 train. Related Companies under the 517 West 35th LLC is listed as the owner behind the applications.

The proposed 450-foot-tall development will yield 565,049 square feet designated for commercial space. The concrete-based structure will also have a cellar, ground-floor retail space, and four loading berths.“


Should the other thread be renamed or this one merged?

To what extent are these two projects related? If they are not extra then the other topic would have to be renamed we

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Related is developing (essentially the whole lot besides a remaining building) the lot as one project. The residential building was the first phase and the commercial tower (this one) is part of the 2nd phase.

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Phase 1 is quite advanced in construction, so I think we’ll leave phase 2 extra. I would be for renaming the old topic for now. We can always merge it later.

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I think we have.

Thats on SkyscraperPage, we dont have a 70 Hudson Yards thread here, it was combined with 451 10th Ave when the buildings were first proposed.


Is this still up to date?

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We dont know due to the differences in the permit that was submitted, but TheRealDeal says otherwise from the recent YIMBY article and say the building will be bigger than what the permit says.


Good news, it could get bigger (1000 ft).

And where did you pull that from exactly?

This was just a question? My english is not good

Another hudson yards building, what could it be.

It most likely won’t rise past 1000’/ wont be a supertall even with the larger floor area TRD is mentioning. Even the old render for the building is only around 700-800’ tall.


Per: 70 Hudson Yards | Roger Ferris + Partners

could we leave this as a separate thread?

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No one mentioned anything about merging this thread, but it shouldn’t be bumped until new information comes out about it.

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I like it. Is it all office?

It’s all commercial office, but the design is still unknown, previous images are of the original proposal.

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New renderings?

Credit: NEW YORK | 70 Hudson Yards (517 West 35th St ) | FT | FLOORS - Page 2 - SkyscraperPage Forum


„ “It’s our next big focus and based on demand we are very bullish on that project,” said Stephen Winter of Related.

The building will sit along Hudson Boulevard on the western blockfront between West 35th and 36th streets.

The 1.2 million-square-foot design by Roger Ferris + Partners and Gensler will feature numerous terraces across its 45 stories with floor plates of about 30,000 square feet. It’s currently slated to be finished in 2026 and tenants will be able to take advantage of lower property taxes under the Pilot program. An amenity floor will have a lounge, conferencing and wellness.

“We are starting to talk to the brokerage community,” Winter said. “There are big groups starting to look and we feel really good about that site and everything we’ve done.”

One advantage of Hudson Yards, he boasted, is that they have “critical mass and a city.” Additionally, many of their amenities across the towers are exclusive to their tenants and residents.“