NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS

Nice catch @YIMHudson! Not that great quality but it’s also visible from the High Line and ESB Earthcam views, it’s hard to tell what color it actually is but it looks purple. I can’t find any schedules to see why a number of buildings are lit purple tonight though. but it’s nice to see that it appears very bright, considering it’s indirect lighting.


That’s absolutely awesome and it’s really bright. The fact the crown has colour-changing capabilities is an incredible bonus. Looks like its lit a lovely purple to me. A possible explanation for the purple on 50HY is testing colour capabilities.



they were definitely testing last night. in between the cool bright purple, it had a scrolling rainbow fade-wash thing going on that looked really cool. complements 1MW nicely


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Lighting on the crown wasn’t on but there are exterior lights on the mechanical level


well spotted

That’s the amenity floor, the mech floors are above that, but your point still stands! It’s definitely a nice touch, I think it would’ve been nice to see that lighting motif carried onto the parapet and ground level. The front entrance has two small vertical lights on the columns, but it would’ve been interesting to see them the full height of the entrance and on every column on the ground floor to act like street level lighting.


The lighting on the amenity/mechanical floors is a nice touch. I wish other towers would do similar features with their mechanical spaces.

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The crown lights are doing a red, white, and blue chasing effect tonight. Just noticed on my ride back to the city now.

Edit: my Uber took me right by the building:


Great to see that this building has the potential to join the skyline with the color waves.

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nice bounce back after Facebook announced they were reassessing their big lease.



50 HY is not as bad as many predicted. I certainly think it’s better than the Spiral. The facade facing the camera here is nicely divided into distinct sections that break up the bulk of the building. And the wide verticals have some of the same effect. Unlike many of the HY buildings the sectionalizing of the facades makes 50 look a bit more approachable. All is all it is better than much of the rest of HY IMO.


I thought in some renders there were led screens hanging over the lobby or was that just one of my fever dreams? Like I recall steel going in at a 45 degree angle to mount these screens.

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You’re definitely not dreaming, it’s just that you’ve placed them wrong lol. There’s supposed to be screens on the front side but on the top level under the podium setback floor. There’s also an angled wall on the back too but I don’t think that side has shown any presence of screen in any renders so far.

Kind of visible here


It’s still happening

This pic from @JC_Heights shows the angled steel that will hold the screens