NEW YORK | 418 11th Avenue - Site K | 1663 FT | 90 FLOORS

I don’t think it’s dead completely, it was paused because there wasn’t any affordable housing in it. Maybe if the proposals came back it’ll have the requirement this time.

Maybe they could build twin towers with one having commercial and the other affordable housing.

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If/when the proposals come back, I hope the height will be still kept as it is or higher.

Embarrassing. Hochul is in way over her head. RE has a lot of power in this city. Hopefully they rip her apart.

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Ironic how she supports the Penn Station development that included OFFICE towers, yet had to pausse/cancel this development because there was no affordable housing.

Love when they talk about the “local community” of Hudson yards. These are industrial sites many blocks away in all directions from any semblance of a community. This tower wasn’t going to rise for a while anyway but this is an absurd decision coming out of the blue. I think Shane’s explanation is the best, she needs some sort of grift before it comes back into play

Because she wants her cut of the action.


Exactly. She needs the perception of some sort of community here in order to curry favor and disarm opposition with surrounding, more residential neighborhoods with actual communities. As if reality even underpins it, which it doesn’t. My bet is they come back with a significant reduction in height, perhaps a 500-foot cut. They sell the remaining air rights to someone across the street who’s affilliated with Hochul and she gets a clandestine consulting fee.

Unfortunately, that might be the possibility. IIRC the architects mentioned that they scale the tower to 1663ft for a reason, although I may be wrong.

But either way, I hope the proposal(s) keep the height and doesn’t pull a “tower Verre height cut”, while still having affordable housing

This neighborhood is becoming a community. There is population density on all three sides (West Chelsea/HY, Garment District, and Hells Kitchen). With each of these new projects the neighborhoods are getting stitched together.

Something else will go up in this location. Because it’s one of the few city owned lots left in Manhattan, she has to make a gesture towards affordable housing.

Mr Peebles is pissed…his catch phrase was - "We’ll try again next week."

Don Peebles, CEO The Peebles Corporation, is part of a team that includes architect Sir David Adjaye, Cheryl McKissack Daniel, president and CEO of the oldest minority/women-owned design and construction firm in the US, and Exact Capital Group, a majority Black-owned real estate development firm headquartered in New York. Steven Witkoff, founder of the Witkoff Group, is also a member of the team.

For those of us old enough to remember this cartoon… Mr. Peebles :star_struck:


Wow. Didn’t catch this news. Smh. Im sure they will redevelop it sooner than later. Especially considering the entire Penn Station overhaul project going on a few blocks over.

Sorry for a bump in this thread, but here is my recreation of the Affirmation Tower in Minecraft, although it’s more bigger and taller (584 meters)