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You are right Robert but what makes today much more scary than 1936 is that there are a number of bad actors on the world stage acting in consort, some with an expansionist agenda and some with a religious one. All who have their hands on some really scary destructive technology.

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Not to go too far off topic, but this will almost certainly occur if the US and especially the EU just ignore this Russian invasion thing. Like our country before December 7, 80 years ago, there is simply no appetite for war.

Two things, In the U.S. especially in NYC we just don’t build tall buildings just to build them like what China did. Even though, us architect/building geeks want to see a 2,000 feet building, it’s better to see people in buildings rather than seeing an empty mega-tall building. Lucky for us we are seeing many supertalls being built in our life’s and at some point in the near future we might see a 2,000 foot tower. Second thing, At least 80 years ago the United States was strong, now were just a bunch of goof balls and I am not surprised if China and Russia invade very soon.

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This is nonsense. The US is by far the strongest country on Earth.


BET should move their HQ here.

We are the strongest— if we put our minds to it. But as long as people enjoy their Amazon prime and let the corporate hacks hollow out our country and openly support the CCP, we are a laughing stock to unscrupulous operators like Putin.

Our military is the strongest, but if we only use it against poor guys in the desert, it isn’t very useful. Likewise, we are the richest country, but the owners of that wealth are people like Ray Dalio whose greed makes them more loyal to Xi Jinping than to us.


I hope I don’t get a strike because I know this has nothing to do with construction. Yes the U.S. is still strong but we are slowly losing. When we have microchips made in China, Covid showing the true colors of our medical system, our infrastructure failing, politicians that talk and do nothing but fly in there private jets going to summits, and many more problems that I can’t list off or we will be here for days, there’s definitely something wrong!!


Well said :ok_hand:

The US is not perfect, but China and Russia have many major problems. Neither have a blue water navy and the idea that they’d invade the US is too laughable to even merit a serious response. We should really stick to talking about this magnificent skyscraper that the AGE OF RAMSES is getting ready to bless us with, instead.


Stop talking about politics. Back to skyscrapers everyone.


Stop trying to be a Mod.


This tower will be like a colossal version of the old Whitney.


The ban isn’t being enforced. There are dozens if not hundreds of skyscrapers under construction in China right now, including many at the 1642 foot or 500 meter height.

Maybe they were grandfathered in.

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I would imagine how huge the skyscraper will be (if it was selected). Even I underestimated the height of Hudson yards (including 55 Hudson Yards), let alone Affirmation Tower. :slight_smile:


Magnificent. This tower is as tall as Taipei 101.

Truly remarkable that a 1st world city is getting towers this large.

Perhaps in 2030 we will be talking about a tower or two that rivals the Burj.

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I don’t believe it!


The project is canceled. You can forget New York ever having a 1600 foot project this decade. Governor Hochul had made it her mission to cancel or undo everything good the city had going for it since the pandemic started.

The project is canceled. You can forget New York ever having a 1600 foot project this decade. Governor Hochul had made it her mission to cancel or undo everything Governor Cuomo tried or wanted to do.


I hope Don Pebles sues