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A couple of things. “They have submitted an RFP to build the Western Hemisphere’s tallest skyscraper to date” Even if we ignore 1WTC and don’t count upcoming proposals like 175 Park Avenue, Central Park Tower is still taller than 1,500 ft.
“an observation deck and skating rink” Always exciting to get more observation decks, and this skating rink is really high up in the renderings. That’ll be a treat.

It’s like a combo of BIG’s 2 WTC and Yamasaki’s original WTC. It has the massing of BIG’s design and the vertically striped facade of the twin towers. It even has gothic motifs at the base like the twins, only the arches are flipped upside down.

Not sure how I feel about this design, I’d like to see more of the proposals. Great height and ambition though, I hope all of the proposals are at least this tall!


Oh nice… nearly twice the height of Spiral. I like it. I feel as if this can get through, especially with lots of community backing. The cantilevering is very unique and different, and we CAN FINALLY have a megatall near/in Hudson Yards!

Doesn’t Hudson Yards already have several supertalls?

Its a good replacement for the dead proposal the Hudson Spire, that area needs an icon



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Oh wow. Nice! New pinnacle for the Hudson Yards.


Your render needs to be updated. :smiley:

Add this, 520 5th Avenue, the new 57th St. super tall, etc.


If this actually happens that’s huge. Absolutely a new world for architecture…


Apparently, it’s the leading bidder for the site so it’s likely this will be what is built. But there are other proposals so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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I don’t know how to feel about this proposal. I have mixed feelings about this becoming the potential building for the site. It looks like it would need a lot of architectural support. I will wait to see what other proposals will come out about this site. I do want something that is striking though.

I’m a big fan of adjaye’s work. Obviously the area will fill out over time, but this design screams ‘different’ in a way that is super satisfying. It will help raise the skyline plateau with the high flat roof (as boring as that is) and the facade textures seem like they have a lot of potential (so long as there isn’t as much value engineering as at his William St project


Top heavy stacked boxes, cantilevering precariously overhead, Brutalism of the 21st Century.

The skyline plateau that’s forming from these recent proposals seems transitional to me. There isn’t going to be one superstar of the bunch, but it will be a skyline people will respect. Adjaye is the perfect transitional architect for New York City to the next era. He designs unique architecture and puts out a good product. Just seems like his projects aren’t as crisp as they need to be in New York.

From my model.


I’d love to see it with the Hudson Spire together.

Thanks for the render! Is it possible for you to add color for your render so we can see what buildings are new? New York City’s skyline is so humongous that it is hard to tell what is or isn’t there… for example, make a render that has the new buildings in green or red. Something like that. Would be very helpful!