NEW YORK | 418 11th Avenue | ? FT | ? FLOORS

Very nice TKDV! How about a render of the crown?


Had this one on hand


Very nice!


just beautiful!!


It is a really nice design. As much as I like this current one, if something like this was built instead I would have no problem. The 550 M + height isn’t a bad touch either.

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I don’t think anything will be developed quickly here.

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But what exactly from that article leads you to that conclusion.

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This thread isn’t about HY Phase II, 418 11th Ave is not a part of that development, neither would the worldwide political situation (what ever that is) have any affect on this development.

What affect would building a tower in East Midtown have any different affect than building a tower on the site this thread is about…

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What does the “worldwide political situation” have to do with it? Are you referring to the economic situation right now? Nimbyism? What?

Build it in Midtown East doesn’t make any sense, and contradicts your first point.

Also not part of Hudson Yards Phase 2.

And how does any of that relate to the article you posted?

But what does that still have any affect on this development? It doesn’t.

I don’t think anything will be developed here in the next few years. My opinion.

ok, i could also say:
That’s where a 500 foot little boring blue glass box goes.
Is this not good.

Well, the possibility of that happening would be slim to none, so yes, that is also not a good opinion.

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Bro, did you not see the articles related to this a few months ago? They specifically said and in what @TKDV has said, the RFP is going to be released soon but for modifications.

And what does going political has to do with this, unless you’re mentioning Governor Hochul.

I only glanced at the article which seems to be about at rink at 30 HY. Does it address the Affirmation Tower at all?

I meant world politics in general, not national politics.

Regardless, that still doesn’t explain how it relates to this project.

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A Foster Design for Site K…

“Forster”?? Can you elaborate on it?

Well, even if I just checked the definition of that word, what does this design have to do with Site K?