NEW YORK | 418 11th Avenue | ? FT | ? FLOORS

maybe something to do with the MTA thing right there?

I reread some information, and the RFP doesn’t necessarily say there are any included air rights coming from the easements (both the Amtrak one nor the MTA ventilation structure) which I mean that wouldn’t really make sense anyways since they are on the site too and would just be included in the overall general air rights of the site if there were any.

The RFP stated that proposals couldn’t/shouldn’t exceed a 24 FAR, so it’s a mystery, considering if air rights were bought from somewhere, that would ultimately make the FAR bigger than 24 unless those air rights are not to be factored into the FAR.


What would be the maximum feasible 1400 ft or 1200 ft?

We don’t know, there hasn’t been any new information released. And it probably will be a while, just be patient


I transplanted and reconfigured my Empire Station Complex towers to this site and made the tower 1800’ tall. The height is very questionable, but not as much as the floor area, which definitely exceeds the 24 FAR of the site, by a lot.

This site really deserves something architecturally beautiful with an elegant massing, especially since it aligns with the main entrance of Javits, not something that looks like a giant rectangle from the Hudson riverfront.

Early Fall Morning Midtown Skyline


Nice job!! :smiley:


Hopefully a new RFP will come soon.

Since Gov Hochul was reelected, past statements I’ve seen said that the new RFP would be released later this month or in the coming months.

@NewYorkCity76 Thanks :+1: I may post other renders