NEW YORK | 418 11th Avenue | ? FT | ? FLOORS

418 11th Ave. Original image via Google Maps

Affirmation Tower - The Skyscraper Center



„The following is a list of responses to questions submitted by prospective respondents (“Respondents”) to the Request for Proposals for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Site K - 418 11TH Avenue Manhattan, New York“

„Please note that the deadline to submit Proposals to the Javits Site K RFP has been extended to Tuesday, June 22 at 2pm.“

We better be getting an iconic supertall. Please, no NIMBY interference.

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I think I’d rather see a 600 footer or two here for the sake of transition from the mega blocks to the south, same as the block to the east.

this rendering lacks 50 and 55 Hudson Yards, but gives a good picture.


David Adjaye - 1500’


Oh my word. The cantilever is a bit intense but I like what I see. It will also help break the plateau that’s developing at HY

OH MY GOD. New York City.

Yeah I’m a big fan of Adjaye’s work but this design honestly freaks me out.

Holy Moly…

I like it

Top heavy buildings are very disconcerting. Looks a lot like BIG’s 2 World Trade Center, not a fan.

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Build it now.


The World Capital.


hopefully other proposals are just as ambitious, i’d take a shorter tower if it has an even more stunning design.

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Is this building real? It is amazing. Is the height official?

Someone needs to update the skyscraperpage diagram database asap

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Holy S….hit!

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And build above those open cuts between 9th, 10th avenues behind those towers as well.

I like it. Kinda like a reverse traditional NY setback lol.

I really hope that this gets built. It seems to consist of two hotels, apartments, and office space.

I wonder what the total square footage is.

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Why two different hotels?