NEW YORK | 350 Park Avenue | 1,600 FT | 70 FLOORS


From my 3D model:


This thing could be heating up.


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A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of New York said that it is the church’s “hope that the money will go to the continued upkeep of the Cathedral.” Citadel is working to develop a 51-story tower at 350 Park Avenue, designed by Norman Foster.

Maybe Citadel can help them w/their investment strategy…

The Vatican owns more than 5,000 church and investment properties around the world, a central office at the Catholic Church revealed for the first time Saturday, according to several news outlets — but the church is struggling with a budget deficit, plus years of alleged mismanagement tied to its investment strategy.


That’s great news!! :smiley:

Another article via NYguy on SSP:


One piece of maybe not great news is the concluding sentence:

“Initial proposals pin the completion date of the project in 2032.”


2 years of demo and 4 years of site prep and construction sounds about right for something of this size. That would mean a demolition start date of 2025-6 which seems very realistic.


hopefully it will get even higher now. more air rights taller building

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With the purchase of air rights, I think this skyscraper could later be 300 feet higher.


New York next tallst Skyscraper

Respectfully I doubt it.

Griffin doesn’t have the lust for adulation and publicity of an Elon Musk. He’s a guy who wants to make money without being the center of attention.

If this project gets bigger by a few hundred k sf it’s almost certain to get bulkier and taper less dramatically rather than get taller.

Griffin isn’t designing the tower

That may be true but the architect (or architects in general) do not always have free reign in all situations, its the developers that has the final say in approving a design, they are the client, not the architect. DOB also has the last say.


A rendering I’ve made of the current design towering over Park Avenue alongside 270 Park:

Photograph by NYGuy on SSP: SkyscraperPage Forum - View Single Post - NEW YORK | 350 Park Avenue | 1,350 FT | 51 FLOORS
It will be very impressive to have three Foster buildings towering over Park Ave together, two of them supertalls! It will be interesting to see how this design evolves, whether it will shift closer to the high tech, structural expressionist aesthetic of its two cousins.


Looks amazing!!


Great work. I know the Western facade isn’t as available to build a model out of, but I’d love to see a rendering of how the dreaded “backside” would look from Madison Ave or Top of the Rock.


The easement agreement mentioned a few posts back has a condition that 477 Madison Ave (on the west side of the block) be restricted to 377 feet (basically the height of the existing building). So it’s likely the west side of Citadel’s tower won’t be completely blank. The purpose of the easement with 477 Madison appears to be to preserve views to the west.

Source is NYGuy on SSP, who read through the DoB docs. Link to post


Another rendering to show the initial design as a comparison:

I honestly miss this design, it was a very charming concept which could have done with some refining at the crown. I like how the stepped form echoed 270 Park down the street.


Another huge box… I can’t understand

Its not as good as ThreeWentDown’s work in showing context (and generally lol), but this is what I was showing last January, because we still have to assume its mostly a blank wall since the core is still centered on the western side of the building as it was initially.