NEW YORK | 350 Park Avenue | 1,450 FT | 70 FLOORS

I wish they kept with this design!! It was futuristic and unique (although it did feel somewhat like 270 Park as mentioned)! I wonder what a render would look like with 270’s shape, but with the east and west sides with how 350 would’ve looked! :star_struck:


More like a stack of boxes

The design will more than likely change again

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TKDV’s model shows it very well, here is my interpretation of it as seen from 30 Rock:

Original photo by chrisinphilly5448, on Flickr
Hopefully the easement agreement points towards a more interesting western facade in future design variations!


Awesome work, thank you! Is that configuration of window punch-outs (not a technical term, I don’t know what you call them) totally speculative? They would really help make the core feel transparent and integrated with the building as opposed to just a big blank wall.


Thank you! The core of my model is still directly based on the original design for 350 Park, which had elevator banks on the sides and the stairwell and other services in the centre, in addition to another elevator and stairwell core inside the building:

However, with a single rendering to go off of, I would consider my model to be purely speculative at this point.

My impression of TKDV’s model is that all of the elevators and services are shifted to the offset core, similar to 425 Park for example, which would make sense as the later design seems to have less east-west depth to fit the internal cores.