NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS

Jan 27, 2015

Jan 28th

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I knew Einstein was still around.

Can’t wait for new renderings. Glad they are moving on. Shouldn’t be too long before we get some fresh content.


I hope that Vinoly does something good here.

Jan 28, 2016


Wait how many more properties are being demolished? Or is this the last one?

Everything in that picture will be razed. The developer owns:

2 E 30th
281 5th
279 5th
277 5th
275 5th
273 5th

So far, only 281 and 279 have come down. They’re currently working on 277.


Feb 4, 2016

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Feb 11th

Feb 15th

3 W 29th St will be looming over these great old buildings and will be essentially across the street from 281 5th.

The two sites can be seen from this perspective.

Vinoly better come up with something nice here because 3 W 29th and 15 E 30th, which are both across the street from here, are beautiful 800’ towers.

Feb 16th

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It’s like the walls of Jericho, lads !

Feb 19th.

The walls came tumbling down on Feb 22nd!

Up next for demo are two of the three buildings to the south and the one junk to the east.

Feb 24th

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Feb 25th

The developer owns 275 5th, the little brown PoS w/o a cornice, which is next to the building currently being demolished. 275 or 2 E 30th, which the developer also owns, will be the next to come down.

Wow this building is beautiful! Can’t wait for it to start rising!

We don’t know what it will look like yet. The developer’s website doesn’t have a rendering. The preliminary renderings likely don’t apply. Among other things, they were released before the developer acquired a building which sat in the middle of the site.

As per a coversation with someone at the site who saw the plans, I’m not expecting much. He said that there’s a setback from the podium, and he did not recall if there were further setbacks.

It cantilvers over buildings to the south.

It may closely resemble what Yimby released long ago. This image appears on DGI Equity’s website.

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This proposal by SCDA is amazing. It’s possible that they’re worling with Vinoly, though I highly doubt that the developer, Moishe Schuster , would build something this extravagant.

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