NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1,389 FT | 70 FLOORS

I was under the impression this is a concrete ‘core first’ construction process. The core first, then the structural steel frame & floor plates follow behind.

The video links shows a time laps of this particular process.


That is why I mentioned on IG and on here numerous times that this building does not have concrete cores.

@JRF I wouldnt say the steel core in One Vanderbilt was temporary, because that would imply it was to he removed, but it is just a steel reinforced core, the same as One and Four World Trade Center.

But that’s what im saying, it will not have concrete reinforced cores.


Definitely not core first, this is below

One Manhattan West April 2018

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Is this for me?

I was wrong - this is not a ‘core first’ construction method. I checked. The structural steel frame, and floor plates are built first - then the core rises up in stages.

This is not ‘typical’ as is the case with the concrete core first. I only know this is much preferred by the steel workers because they get to build the steel superstructure ‘unimpeded’ by other trades.

I found the answers on the BIM video, and the design-construction website.

This is a fascinating project to follow. :smiley:

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yes, thats more of a correct description


That’s still incorrect, there is no rise first or rise after with this tower, the core just rises with the structure because it is apart of the structure.

For the last time, there will not be a reinforced concrete core in this building…


Quote: For the last time, there will not be a reinforced concrete core in this building…

What is the core made of - structural steel? I guess that is the only option.

The B1m video must be wrong; they clearly illustrate that the floor plates rise up ‘first’ several floors, then the core follows in sequence; the core then built-up to the level of the upper most floor plate.

Check out the video, quite interesting: even some comical sections from old “friends” TV sitcom episodes. :star_struck:

I will go with your description. :wink:

Yes, you can see that with the elevator shafts on the lower floors. I was wondering where they were in the early days of construction.




Early days of construction by what terminology? The steel for the lower tier elevator shafts wasn’t added until a few month after the table top began construction. But they still aren’t encased in concrete. And vertical concrete that is visible on the ground level does not continue up past the tabletop mezzanine level and does not have any relation to the “theoretical” core of the building on the ground floor.

The lower tier’s “core” of elevator shafts is just built of secondary structure with steel plates enclosing them and will eventually be fireproofed and fire/encased in most likely 2 hr rated gypsum sheathing. The same will go for the actual core of the building where it starts on the upper levels of the lowest tier before the first setback but it is made of the primary steel structure. There is no building afterwards or before in this building as it relates to the core, but for structure relating to cladding, it is all built at the same time.


Took some photos (on my phone though) to show the construction of the elevator banks, the structures with lines all over them. The concrete boxes do not relate to the cores, they are fortifying the fire exits/stairs and various service elevators at ground level. Past that point, they are just cmu walls and the elevator shafts the continue plate steel encasements.

Update on opposite side cladding, already on the 5th floor.

And I just want to remind everyone that I do Q&As on IG on Sundays, so please if you have questions please ask them! I want more people to understand what they are looking at (for any project) or to have a better understanding of architecture, engineering, and construction in general! And I’m also trying to do this to combat misinformation!


Besides, it’s already sitting on top of a train shed anyway. :+1:

I am unfortunately away from my computer where I do my usual renderings right now, but I had this idea for a silly April 1st edit of the ATChain rendering – RobertWalpole’s worst nightmare!


Oh my god you literally made it look like 50 HY. Spot on LMAO


That’s true, Xing.

When they were showing these images, I was having a coronary.


That’s what I meant.

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Caught the EarthCam as it was calibrating just now. While it calibrates it rotates and gives a better angle of construction.


I don’t normal post answers to my IG Q&A until later in the day, but I’m getting a lot of questions about this building, (possibly as a response to my b1m story). So go ask your own questions about this if you have any! :joy:

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