NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1,389 FT | 70 FLOORS

Yes, the eye is subjective but so is local color. The cladding would look a lot lighter if it were sandwiched between 130 Williams and Blackrock, since the perceived color would be calibrated to reference the juxtaposition. This is why editors use waveform monitors because our eyes actually make these adjustments on the fly.

Good found…

would be worth a good rendering with

350 Park Ave
270 Park Ave
175 Park Ave.

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Fun fact, women detect more hues in the blue/violet range than men.


That’s definitely what they are for :+1: they are also on all of the other column panels on the south facade.

I took some close ups of those portions specifically.


The nighttime lighting on this tower will be phenomenal. That’s awesome.


I’ll post the images I took today tomorrow, but since new steel was added a few days ago, the height is now ~750’ tall, so extremely close to surpassing 383 Madison Ave. Depending on which diagram you go off of or how you count the floors, steel is now at the 34th or 35th floor, so the next columns to be installed should certainly push it past 383 by about ~25’.

4 more floors until the next setback. :+1: For those that were unaware, this building passed it’s halfway mark of 694’ sometime in early February.


With this and 9 Dekalb gone up, you would think evil wizards have taken over New York City.


I was surprised to see work ongoing on a Saturday.

For @ALC11 The openings are without a doubt for the lighting, we can only hope that the lighting is maintained though lol.

Posted some of my favs from yesterday to IG that I didn’t post here.


LOL, so what color was it really @TKDV?


Lol, mannnn I said MY :eye: :lips: :eye:, not through the camera or a screen! :joy: But either way, the glass still has a brown hue to it, even though it’s dirty, it’s still apparent.


Oh I thought you were talking about the Etruscan bronze cladding, my bad. Yeah the glass is definitely on the warm side, but it’s tough to see when it reflects the colder glazing back at you from across the street. Please ignore my little Josef Albers grid (sampled from that single shot of yours there).


:joy: I mean the column cladding definitely changes colors based on viewing angle and atmospheric conditions but as you said, it’s generally an antiqued bronze color in nature.

The thing about this building is that the windows don’t directly reflect the surrounding buildings that much (but for the W/E sides) because of the slight angle/slope on the N/S faces (in a similar manner to One Vanderbilt, the color will always be different from a vertical glass face that reflects the lighter tones of the atmosphere). So they will almost always reflect the sky from most of the view points one is looking from. But even that color changes still, it can look browner from certain angles over others and I still don’t know how I feel about it, I think a bluer/cooler toned glass would’ve fared better with the antiqued bronze color of the columns, because the whole facade just kind of blurs together in some instances because of the glass color like in my 3rd and 4th photos.


Oh interesting re: the North and South angles. It’s hard to make a judgement based on a partial installation since the total volume will alter our overall impression. I’m excited to see what color the diamonds are and if they’re true to the renders.

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Yeah I agree, perceptions may change once the cladding has enveloped all of the first tier, but it may get better or worse from my current impression…

The diamond cladding itself should be the exact same as the column cladding, unless you were specifically talking about the glass portions? :thinking:

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hahaha, true. And yes, I was wondering if they were going to match the column cladding or not. Fingers crossed it looks good in the end.

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I think it will look better in the morning and evening hours during sunrise and sunset when the glass will be changing colors vs the aluminum portions, but it/they might just blend in with the glass during the midportion of the day.

There’s a small strip-like thing inside this panel in your last image. I wonder if that is the LED fixture that will run up the facade.



I’d say there’s a probability it is, if not the housing for the lighting.


I’m blanking at the moment but do we have a building in the city where facade lighting runs the entire height of the building?

I suppose 111 W 57th if/when that completes. 53w53 may have had a version on the diagrid if they didn’t value-engineer out. Perhaps 425 Park but I don’t think that’s lit yet.

Asian cities are much better with this type of lighting and I would love if NY once in a while took a cue from there.


With a single unified lighting scheme I’d say no besides 425 as you mentioned when it is turned on. The closest I can think of would be 3 WTC, which is done with a bunch of separate lights.

So yeah, this one would be the first “major” one to have such lights.

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