NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1,388 FT | 70 FLOORS

My fault, I was talking about the massive open space under the last two terraces. While the tower is only on the secont set, my mistake




This tower is absolutely extraordinary.


The big 3 story volume is actually only on the east side of the first 2 setbacks.

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could someone pin this thread?

This thing looks so good I can hardly stand it. Fabulous design and superb execution.

Adding this:


I love how in the first pic the buildings appear very close to each other, giving a sense of immersion one would view in person :smiley:


I think your first snap (or really all of them) shows how well the slightly brown tinted glass goes with the column cladding. I think if it had been straight blue or something akin to cladding found at some Hudson Yards towers wouldn’t have gone so well with the bronze tone and may have stood out to much, but this is a perfect tint for it to have while still remaining mostly blue due to the sky.

I really love all the geometries that appear when the sun hits the column cladding, the verticals, the horizontals, even the diagonals created from the reflections of the glass.


Yes, we’re very happy. I know we were up in the air about the glass but I think it’s turning out really well.


I am disinclined to shoot anything with a wide angle lens. My 32-64mm is great - but I find I rarely go wider than 40mm. This is why you will rarely see a full profile from me as I don’t like the distortion. I own a super wide but, I’ll probably sell it. I only bought in case I started doing interior work but then I’m waiting for the tilt shift lenses anyhow.

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Ah I see. As a enthusiast photographer I usually like shooting with anything more than 24mm. :slight_smile:

I brought my previous comment up because I noticed how close 432 Park is from 270. :+1:

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funny you should notice that. I was going to crop it, but I left a little sliver in there. LOL, just for you apparently. EDIT: IOW< I think you have to be a real photographer to notice a detail like that

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Nice, thanks for not cropping it! As a 432 Park fan, I would notice it being visible immediately lol.

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Yeah, I’m a big fan of 432 myself. It is eminently photographable. I really don’t care what people say about it.

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Hopefully when/if I return to NYC sometime next week or so, I might get a shot of 270 Park making progress using both my 18-55mm lens and 70-300mm lens :slight_smile:


Happy shooting. I always bring 2 lenses myself but I wish they made a 40mm-150.


Not me with my 600mm bazooka of a lens.
:sweat_smile:. I just love the compression effects and the “flattening” of miles of the city.

I finally have a proper camera bag to carry my 18-300mm and 150-600mm and it makes all the difference.

I shot some more of this building today from Queensbridge Park and through the Con Ed parking lot fence lol. It’s difficult to get a long unobstructed northeast view of the tower from across the river. I’ve been chasing the diamonds and with three more tiers to go, it will be much easier to see.


LOL please tell me you weren’t the guy lighting a cigarette while nonchalantly avoiding oncoming traffic on 5th avenue tonight were you? Cause he had a massive lens that required a shoulder harness…and it could very well have stopped traffic!