NEW YORK | 270 Park Ave | 1,388 FT | 70 FLOORS

It’s like the Hancock in Chicago with the Flatiron Building on top of it.

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This is all very helpful! Thank you! For some reason, it felt like the time between the first trading floor and the setback was half the time :sweat_smile: That puts things in a much better perspective (as it’s clear now we’ll be lucky to see it get to the halfway point before 2023)


@the726 so I’ve heard lol. Thanks everyone. :+1:

We have lift off again, for the cranes and steel! The column splices seem to reach the 2nd level of the next mech floor.


Helmsley building is saying: “Who dis?” -


This will be an absolute gem street level. I wish architects put in as much thought on the base as they do for the rest of the building. Buildings like this are truly what make New York the Mecca.


270 Park will be like: “Hello, I’ll be your future neighbor next door. Don’t mind me I’m just growing steadily.”


And across the street, 277 Park looks on, wondering if this will be the reincarnation of his partner (the former 270 Park), or someone totally new.


277 Park: “Who are you?”
270 Park: “It’s me, your partner, but better and much taller than before”


The opinions of users of the Yimby site are different from here from the forum. I see people commenting that the design of 270 Park is bad. They have very strange opinions. Here on the forum we have several likes, but when a project is good, everyone likes it.


I almost never look at the article comments anymore, because (not withstanding David : Sent From Heaven’s comments) almost none of them ever make any sense.


Not to mention David in Bushwick

You should see how many spam comments we gotta filter for Florida YIMBY. 150 today alone. Lol


It’s the same energy as conspiracy theorists where they initially act morally superior but then you start to realize there’s something wrong with every sentence they’re saying



the people in the comment sections are total freaks.

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A little off topic here, but for 175 Park Avenue it’s a lot worse on Instagram

It’s because of The Chrysler and GC. But it doesn’t matter, it’s getting built whether they like it or not

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The one and only time I wrote an article comment it was almost immediately removed. Maybe it wasn’t crazy enough for them. Seems as though David: Sent From Heaven is on the staff.

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I think David: Sent From Heaven is a comment bot that generates words and sentences from the articles and makes the comment sound intelligible.

As it pertains to this building, all 4 cranes have now made the jump, the cranes will probably be jumping more frequently now that the columns will be reaching 3 stories now some possibly even 4. I also believe that once this tier is done they are transitioning to 2 cranes.



I like 270 better than most, but I am very much against glass walls. I even wish 270 wasn’t a glass wall building. I agree with the streetscape part of that comment you quoted. Streetscapes are the most important aspect of every city (not height)

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