NEW YORK | 260 South Street | 809 + 728 FT | 73 + 67 FLOORS

I have a link to the person I got the info from



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From this…


To this coming very soon…


It’s about time.


What is the one that’s going to be smaller than One Manhattan Square?

Err, scratch that I just mean the smallest one. I noticed the 2 towers were also smaller than One Manhattan Square.

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That’d be 259 Clinton St.

I don’t know if this is the thread for it though.

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Per NYguy:
Looks like one of these towers will (or could be) a little taller……304978&row=221


Notice Of: CONSTR
Duration: PERM (Months: 0 Days: 0)
Work Schedule: 09/01/2022 to 07/24/2026

Structure Type: Building
Structure Name: Building Point #8

Site Elevation: 13
Structure Height: 809


New York threads are always the most interesting this is NY Yimby.


No, this is YIMBY Forums. Showcasing many beautiful cities

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but mostly only New York and rarely Philadelphia and Chicago

little interest in Austin and…

although we have an international community the core of it is still NY YIMBY. So of course there’s going to be more interest in the NYC scene than elsewhere, not to discount anything happening elsewhere.


Can a user (we know him) here in the forum please stop posting always what crap especially in the New York Topics.

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I don’t even know how the original comment came about as a response to mcart’s update.

Anywho, any update to any of the towers at Two Bridges is good. The height increase (or possible one) is almost negligable though as it’s only an 11’ difference.


@007 In all honesty, although I believe there is a barrier between the way you think and the way others think, I am sure you’re capable of respect; please just be respectful and mindful of what you say :frowning:. I do enjoy some of your posts sometimes but the rest is kinda fluff. As an example, this one, just delete this and move on :confused:

Thanks @007


True, New York is the American skyscraper capital!


The discussion about blocked views in the 262 Fifth thread reminded me that the Municipal Arts Society made a stink a few years ago about this development blocking the iconic view of the ESB through the arch of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, a very hot spot for Instagrammers.

When I looked for some articles about it I saw they didn’t actually provide any renders and used a lot of weasel words like “could”, “likely”, and “partially block”. @TKDV can you use your models to see if there’s any truth to the MAS’s claims? I don’t care too much about the view (I don’t support view corridors), I’m actually more curious if the MAS was being dishonest just to be anti-development.

Photographers flock to cobblestone Washington Street in DUMBO to capture the Empire State Building in the distance, perfectly framed by the steel arch of the Manhattan Bridge.

But an analysis by the Municipal Art Society found that two proposed skyscrapers on the Manhattan side of the East River could obliterate the landmark.

“A person standing on the street … where previously you would see the Empire State Building, you will now see part of this development,” said Tara Kelly, vice president of policy and programs at the Municipal Art Society, which has done in-house modeling of the project.

But locals argue the development’s biggest casualty will be felt in Dumbo, where its 69- and 62-story towers that together recall a U-shape structure will likely block the view of the 102-story Art Deco skyscraper from the corner of Washington and Water streets, according to a bigwig from cultural-advocacy group the Municipal Art Society, who referenced internal renderings the group created that superimposes the proposed high-rises over the current skyline, showing how they may block the view.

My model is currently only of midtown, but I can interpolate data/model these in situ and see what is actually going on. :+1:


Awesome, thanks so much! You do amazing work.

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I haven’t made the model yet, but based on my interpolation of the data and gis information, I can’t say if these towers (one of them anyway, the west one) will end up blocking “all” of the ESB but it will definitely block a good portion of it. There’s only so much wiggle room on that street where that vantage point exists (by pure coincidence I’m sure) for the ESB to be within the bottom arch of the bridge tower. But it’s also just coincidental that these towers were in that path.

But even though the MAS didn’t really show anything physical to show their claims, their thoughts definitely weren’t false.

I hope that helps for now until I make the physical image lol.


Thanks! I just thought it was a little weird they didn’t release any renders for proof of their claims. They were happy to release a bunch of “scary” (to NIMBYs!) renders of giant proposed towers including Two Bridges as part of their “accidental skyline” campaign a few years ago, so I thought it was suspicious they didn’t do the same here. Made me think they were exaggerating this particular claim about the Dumbo view.