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229 East 42nd Street Redevelopment

The larger component of the project involves converting the existing 33-story building at 229 East 42nd Street into a 37-story residential tower. The redevelopment will yield a total of 927 residential units and include retail space on the ground floor. The residential units will vary in number across floors, accommodating a total of 664,653 zoning square feet.“

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looks like they’ll be segmenting the old headquarters. This is the smaller building connected to the tower at 229-235 E 42nd. I imagine the tower is just going to be a gut renovation.

The proposed 348-foot-tall development will yield 465,792 square feet, with 373,415 square feet designated for residential space and 92,377 square feet for commercial space. The building will have 536 residences, most likely rentals based on the average unit scope of 696 square feet.

What do you mean by segmenting?

Are they cutting out parts of the building to add sunlight to interior units?

They are building over the small part and keeping the old tower. So there will be two towers.

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Was the foundation of the low-rise building really built back in the day to support a building that is three times the height? I haven’t seen anything to suggest that.

The YIMBY article states the following:

Demolition permits will likely not be needed as project calls for an expansion. An estimated completion date has not been announced.

But the YIMBY article has the A.I. author indicated as “Vanessa Londono”, which means there’s a high probability of error.

The 6sqft article states:

Demolition is slated to begin in a few weeks.

Is that referring to interior demolition or demolition of the whole building?

Very confusing.