NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD

That gives me hope then. Wasn’t sure how the area has faired in the remote work era.

Remote work seems to be more common with lower-end jobs like sales, insurance, HR, tech support, etc.

High-end jobs like finance and law require people to come to the office.


That’s not accurate at all.

My partner works for a large legal organization in NYC. They have embraced remote work for the most part. Lawyers are actually given the most flexibility to work from home. IT employees demand it, so that department has to offer it to remain competitive (attract acceptable talent). Mail room and certain such employees have to go in, obviously, but everyone else is pretty much now remote half-time, a huge shift.

More broadly, here are actual numbers from an actual study. See section #4. “Business/financial” and “Legal” are among the top of the list of industries embracing work-from-home. “Sales” is way lower:


I think Robert is more correct as it pertains to finance. The big banks, private equity and hedge funds have made a point of emphasizing in-office work (you will be fired at Citadel for taking a sick day, it’s hardly an exaggeration). For dealmaking, face-to-face meetings are back in vogue. That’s not to say some of these firms haven’t embraced a hybrid model. But overall, finance is probably the most ‘traditional,’ if we can use that word yet. Can’t believe we are 3 years on from this pandemic….

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All of my friends who are lawyers go into the office.

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Screencaps from REX’s new PAC rendering video showcasing Foster’s new design



I mean, it doesn’t look special but that’s basically all of WTC. I just want it to be built. It’ll be good to have WTC2 finally done.

Bonus that it’ll be 400 M +


That looks more like a place holder than an actual design. Further, I don’t see a 2.5m+ sf office building at the WTC rising any time soon. A mixed use with condos, hotel, and a much smaller office component will eventually rise here.

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Luckily, its from an official source. So this is basically the first tease of the building, as what we saw previously was leaked images


Well I’d still say the “leaked” renders are still the first tease of the building because they were focused on the building itself and not another project in the complex. The depiction in the Perelman video doesnt show all the features the building would have (like the leaked renders do) because its not the main focus of the video, so I wouldn’t say it’s a tease at all. :man_shrugging:


I just love this one. WTC looks complete for the first time since September 10th


Even if a simplified version (particularly missing the horizontal sunshades facing south), it’s very promising to see this design shown in an official, non-leaked source that is very recent – chances are that the design for 2WTC was supplied to REX or the rendering studio by Silverstein Properties. If it had been the basement model design shown in this video, that would have been an awful revelation!