NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD

This thing will terminate Fifth Ave. Pretty lousy if it looks like that.


What the hell is that Foster


Thanks, I hate it.


“I actually think they’re going to avoid doing a big staircase. I think we’re gonna see the tower with that coffin shape leading up to terraces rather than stepping up to it. I don’t want to see it but I feel like it’s gonna have a flat roof, after all this is another redesign to suit tenants by 2025 or after. I think the podium that Foster presented on the Church street side with the 2006 design could now be extended to the top, or near it”

My reply August 2020

They seemed to have followed through with this

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And this definitely looks 1,368 feet tall…unless they’re doing 1,362 feet like the south tower of the original twins


I loved BIG’s tower. This is just lame.

I had feared that Foster would have saddled us with something lame like this at 270 Park. Fortunately, for once, he delivered there. It’s also fortunate thst this ode to the mundane will never rise. I don’t envision companies lining up for any massive block of space downtown.




I like this tower. It reminds me of Sears Tower.

That said, I agree with you in that a tenant of that size downtown seems unlikely when there’s so much competition on the West Side and in Midtown.

Unfortunately Larry is in his 90s now. Father time is undefeated, so I wonder what his son has planned for this site. That is probably the most important thing.


It’s better than the original Foster, but worse than the BIG. But I’ll take it, as it heals the Lower Manhattan skyline. Downtown desperately needs some version of the “twins” and the BIG design delivered, as does this one. The original Foster had no semblance of twins and was stuck in the 1990’s.

You mean the stacked boxes design? That design sucked. Well it sucked for this specific spot. I don’t think the design itself was that bad.


I agree. The BIG design should still be built somewhere in downtown.

It does look like the Willis Tower, so it should be 100 ft taller roof height and make it taller than the Willis Tower, too.



lol you are funny

This shows the reason why this building should be much taller!

1850 ft roof height. Now that’s iconic!


I say make it 3,000 feet tall. A new tallest in the world.

This is America! New York!


This diagram is super useful thanks for this.

I wonder if this might maintain the spiral master plan better if the setbacks on either side of the fin thing were flipped, so that the higher one leaned towards tower 1?

Altogether it’s not that bad the more I look at it, I wish it was a little taller because the fin doesn’t really project height very well from the north-south axis.

One of the reasons this diagram is helpful is it shows how this tower is a little thicker than 1WTC from N/S which will affect the balance of the skyline

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Am I in the minority for hating the BIG design? This one is pretty inoffensive, just seems kind of frustrating that it’s virtually the same height as 1WTC. Feels like if it’s not going to be significantly taller than 1WTC, it should be somewhat shorter. In relation to the whole site, the view from the east (Brooklyn) has always been disappointing with all of these proposals.


I just want to know who took the photos of the leak, maybe they can give us more details and photos?? @YIMBY. I prefer the diamond design and then this design. Maybe my mind will change when we see more renderings and details.