NEW YORK | 175 Park Avenue (Grand Hyatt) | 1,575 FT | 85 FLOORS

The current Grand Hyatt hotel taken as of yesterday


I’d love to see 1300+ foot office floors in NYC again. I just hope they don’t change the design further and take up most of the upper floors with ugly mechanical modifications, or giving it another height cut.


Yeah, hopefully it’s not downsized any further.

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Tracking the construction progress for this tower from One Vanderbilt (Summit) will be bittersweet. For a relatively short period of time in the context of the city’s age, a uniquely intimate and publicly-accessible view of the Chrysler Building will fade as quickly as it came when this tower obstructs it.

Of course office workers at 175 Park will have quite the view.


or perhaps speedcore


There’s no doubt that this will have a large core, and it’s possible that its construction will largely resemble that of one Manhattan West’s core (another SOM project) and several other steel reinforced concrete cores in the city, like One Vanderbilt, and 1/3/4 WTC.

It’s highly unlikely that it will be a simple reinforced concrete core because of how the base configuration is but it’s also completely possible that it could just have a steel core like 270 Park Ave’s.

Mixed use building almost always have large cores because of how the elevators have to rise for the different uses, cores in single use buildings can be narrower/smaller in footprint.


Walked by today, the sidewalk shed is gone, im not sure what it was for, but there is some continuing sidewalk/street work going on near the GC side of the building.


Nothing new really but Rechler mentions 175 Park will be “over 2.8M” sf. I’m assuming that’s gross sf since that’s more than we’ve heard before.


On the official website the hotel can still be booked until July 2025, shouldn’t it be demolished sooner?

Completion is planned for 2030, so demolition should begin by the middle of next year at the latest.


The collapse of the office market and the rise in interest rates have surely thrown a wrench in RXR’s plans for this site. I think if COVID hadn’t happened this hotel would be undergoing demo right now. RXR probably wants to land an anchor tenant before starting demo. But companies are hesitant to rent out new space at the exorbitant prices new builds command due to continuing WFH, and new office construction is probably the very last thing a bank wants to finance at this point.


Sadly, I gave your comment a heart.

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A 2030 completion of this is a pipe dream.


From my 3D model:


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Thanks again for sharing @rgarri4! I can never get enough of your renderings. :heart::+1:t2: