NEW YORK | 175 Park Avenue (Grand Hyatt) | 1,575 FT | 85 FLOORS

Built this taller on 1670 feet

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Ummm, @TKDV clearly said that 1575 ft is the maximum allowable height. Also, I don’t know where you get 1670 from.


As much as it would be nice to see a 1,600 foot + tower, I think the current rendering’s height balances well with the height of One Vanderbilt and creates a somewhat even corridor similar to One and Two Manhattan West. If it was even taller, it would overpower One Vanderbilt in terms of scale and the Chrysler building even more than it already will. The design is decent but not good enough to warrant becoming the focal point of the entire skyline in my opinion.

I’m sure we’ll eventually see something in the sixteen-hundred foot range, possibly via the Affirmation Tower, though I’m not huge on that site either.


Nah I’ll have to heavily disagree. Even ignoring the height, and while this may be blasphemy to some, when this building is completed the design will be my favorite in the city easily.

But it’s just my opinion


When it was first proposed (with the 1600+ figure), it was already my favorite soon-to-be-built skyscraper in NYC :slight_smile:

This vile garbage does not deserve to sit between two icons: GCT and the Chrysler.

This, by contrast, is worthy to be in the Pantheon.


Random factoid: The Commodore Hotel, completed in 1919 replaced the ‘Hospital for Crippled Children’



I wonder if there’s a way to see this in a 3D model at scale, to compare it to other large skyscrapers not just in NYC but others. (For example, sitting it right next to Willis in Chicago as a comparison. Or seeing it in the LA skyline. Etc)

Not really a request, just thinking about it.


Not the best, but this is next to the Willis Tower and in the middle of Los Angeles’s cluster.


Let’s be honest, what Trump did was nothing less than give another 40-50 years of life to that building. Yes, it could be argued it would have fared the same as the roosevelt, but would there have been room for 2 terminal city hotels over that period? At least Trump made an attempt to modernize things. Now it’s time for the supertall era to strike here. I’m not upset.

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I’ve edited the latest look into one of the first renderings from the initial design reveal:

Image credit to SOM


Does anyone prefer the new designs over the older ones?

I do. It looks amazing.

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Can you add 350 Park, Xing?

He mentioned this in his direct reply post to you on his render thread.



NYguy on SSP had found this image of a structural 3d model from Aecom Tishman. I don’t understand what’s going on between the gray main 3d visual and the line visual being different heights, but it shows the core setbacks still being sort of random @SideStreet :+1:.

We can also now assume from this that the physical model at the SOM offices and how I and Xing have portrayed the updated version is the latest version over the one seen in official renders due to the crown featuring it’s taller look with an additional set/row of diamonds, which certainly has better proportions.


RXR is giving a gift to NY. This tower is utterly spectacular!!


Looks to me like the outer frame will simply be a ‘hollow’ crown that rises a few floors above the core/roof height, like the Shard in London or something, hence the difference in height