NEW YORK | 175 Park Avenue (Grand Hyatt) | 1,575 FT | 85 FLOORS

2M sf of offices, hotel and retail. Bring it on!

I’m not certain that this would be a supertall. The footprint could be large and there would be opposition towards building so high right next to the Chrysler Building. Either way, it will have to be something better than what currently stands here.
I would like to see something tall that leans or sets back from 42nd Street so that the crown of the Chrysler Building is visible from the west. Something like the Cheese Grater in London, perhaps.

122 Leadenhall Street London by David Bank, on Flickr


Whatever gets built better have a better crown than 1 Vanderbilt to be worthy to stand next to the Chrysler building.


The project will also bring improvements to the train station itself, including new entrances and “enhanced connectivity and circulation” at the Grand Central subway stop.

While no designer for the project has been named, Jeremy Shell, a principal at TF Cornerstone, said in a statement that the firm “look[s] forward to the opportunity to bring a new icon to New York’s skyline.” The developers own much of the air rights at Grand Central, and would use those


the developers will need to transfer the lease for the property from Hyatt, which holds it until 2077. There will also be necessary approvals from the city and state, so a timeline for completion has yet to be announced.


Really hoping we get another 1400 footer here.




Tf Cornerstone does a lot of boxy, glass buildings in NYC so let’s hope they do something different for this site.


I don’t care what replaces it… the current building is just so hideous


Utterly amazing. The world capital.


One Vanderbilt, 270 Park, and now this all within a stone’s throw of each other.

And that not’s including Tower Fifth or any of the supertall residentials. Or Hudson Yards. Or Downtown.


These are the glory days.


When Moinian reclad 1775 Broadway (to me an infamously classless move) I pessimistically told a friend that other developers would likely follow suit. I remember mentioning the term “pull a Moinian”, but now I realize Trump beat Moinian to that punch by 25 years!

According to the MAS tool ( the current building has an FAR of 17.95, above the 15 currently zoned for the plot. Hopefully the developers aren’t penalized for that as tearing this Frankenstein down serves a public good.


Image of 1775 from ssc


That PoS will come down when the office leases expire.

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There’s lots of buildings done this way, just look at Madison Avenue in the 40s
330 is a prime example of this technique

Or even the hippodrome is also done that way

Wow this is an absolute dream come true.!

What they did to 1775 Broadway was a travesty.

Moinian sucks.

That was a short-term fix. I believe that Related is Moinian’s partner in that tower. It’s a very prime residential development, and I guarantee that in twenty-years a 1,000’+ condo will replace it.

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Let’s do this!

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I hope they have plans to connect the basement of the new building to Grand Central, like 270 Park. Grand Central Terminal ought to have an underground city like Tokyo Station.


Obviously, it will. We’re witnessing the start of America 2.0 !

I thought it was already connected? Regardless, the info already out there promises “improvements for transit and the neighborhood”, so I assume so.

It’s connected by the Lexington Passage, but I’m hoping for a completely public basement level for this new building with retail and restaurants, make a retail main concourse.

Here is an overview from Google Maps… the red boxes over the One Vanderbilt site and the Grand Hyatt site are the exact same size, and area in green is the extra lot area that the Grand Hyatt takes up relative to One Vanderbilt. Looks to be about 20% larger, perhaps