NEW YORK | 148 East 78th Street | 205 FT | 15 FLOORS


“The 15-story project will include 25 condos and ground floor retail space, and it was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects. The development should be completed by early 2021.”

Another Stern? These midrise buildings are really their best.

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Anybody know what’s going on with 150 E79th just a block up?

Very similar to this project.

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The window type they are using is the best: punch window, single pane of glass. That simple but large rectangular opening on the exterior wall gives a sense of ‘enclosure’ inside the apartment ; but permits plenty of light in/views out. Also glad they could drop the traditional ‘double hung’ window design and make a single pane of glass with not middle mullion in middle to obstruct view out: make a big difference. Historic districts will not permit this type of window; must be multi-pane sash or double hung to recreate the traditional (or original) architectural features. Here we see the blending of both the old and the new for a nice traditional aesthetic, but some modern upgrades as well. This is nice.

This is a similar type window in a River Side Drive building - all traditional Rosario Candela building.