NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS

This is probably what we’re going to get!


Yeah, probably.
And it looks better than before. ^^

This looks good. I’m eager to learn how talk it will be.

I just watched the video. The model looks good, but it’s a shame that they didn’t show the crown.

I wonder who created the models that were displayed at Astor Place?

This model is very “shvovanistic” but I meant give it a standing "shvovation

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The model @ Astor was commissioned by Shvo & Bizzi.

The model in that video does look pretty good.

So… the big mystery here is what’s it gonna be?

900 ft or 1,050 plus ft?

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Looks so much better w/o that needle on top




That’s, VG. Based upon that model, I assume that it will be around 950’.

That’s what I’m thinking too. I’d say somewhere betw 950’-1,000’.


It looks l I keep when they are finished pouring the walls, they will start installing rebar and then soon concrete. I think this structure will be built in all concrete, like what the same developer did with 432 Park

According to workers at the site, the concrete floor and rebar have been installed, and this is ready to rise. This seems to be correct, as per the photo above.

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I think 1,000 feet is the best height for this location. The previous height was way too tall for the location.

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Unless the original renderings of the interior were incorrect or out dated, I would think that, at the very least it has an occupied floor at around 1000ft. If I remember correctly there was a render looking slightly down at 4WTC.

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As long as its 1000.00 ft on the dot or a little over, I’m happy. If its 999.99 ft, I become sad. :frowning:

Nah I’m jk, either way, it will be nice for the area. I can’t wait for newer renderings. I hope its at a level of quality that will complement 4 WTC. Btw, 4 WTC, is very underrated. I think its a beautiful tower, and it deserves more attention.

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This is what I found on Curbed. Apparently its going to be 898 feet tall.

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Still not convinced this is 900’. That 898’ figure is outdated, at least iirc. The current floor count is 88, so this should be a supertall.

New Valley lists the floor count at 72, which sounds more realistic for a 900+ foot tower (they also list the height at 900+ feet)

I wish Shvo delivered the original plan. Eh, but he’s not really somebody who will live up to hype. Unlike Stern or Barnett who make it happen.

I mean, with Steinway, it’s just out there. A whole building is a rendering.

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@hunser Well I don’t know thats what I found, I want it to be taller , but we’ll see.

yeah, no worries nyc1. :wink: This project has given me some headaches …

  1. conflicting height figures. It’s really a pain in the ass if I may say so. From 856’/898’/900’+/1,000’+ to 1,356’ … I’ve seen it all. The Shvoman should really release some official info!

  2. I’m not really sold on the design. Ok, the previous one with that ugly spire was even worse, but the current(?) one ist still meh. Again, we have no official rendering so far.

  3. construction speed is nothing but slow. It’s like watching the tower rise in slow motion.

And some other points which I won’t go into detail right now. But 1. - 3. is certainly enough for making this project my least favourite NYC supertall tower right now.

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