NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS

This is above street level!

July 21st

From the south

Bonus shots


Very nice shots, robertwalpole!!
And finally! It started!

Thanks, Sir!

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Well above ground!

My phone died before I could photograph the curved north corner .

Aug 2nd


What a rotten luck, robertwalpole, but at least you can go back there and take a new updated picture. :slight_smile:
Nice picture too, and I didn’t expect for the progress to reach above ground already! I sure hope this tower gets high up fast just like 220 CPS and 3WTC!


Nice shot, Bromeister.

That curve is as round and nice as J Lo’s!

Awesome photos of JLo deleted for sensitive dudes.


Those pictures weren’t really needed dude.

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For the curves dude!!

I’m not trying to be rude, it’s exsessive. One could simply say, the curves of this building are reminiscent of a curvaceous woman.

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Relax, dude, and enjoy the photos.

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Hahahahhahahah @robertwalpole you crack me up,
@daltontanner take it with a grain of salt :wink:
In any case, Great to see above ground progress!! Finally!

Are you assuming that only straight men read this? That’s assuming quite a lot; you’d be wrong.

More importantly, I’d hate for a NIMBY to see that and get the idea we’re all sexist bros. It’s counter-productive to the pro-development mission of this site.


I have many gay friends and if they posted a photo of a dude (or if a chick did), it wouldn’t bother me.

That’s fine. I would consider scantily-clad dudes just as oddly out of place, if not inappropriate. But mostly I worry about someone taking it the wrong way.

I’ve personally fought NIMBYs on my own project. I’m glad this site exists as a balance to that sentiment. I see a lot of great info here that’s simply pro-development. I’d like to be able to send a link to these pages to anyone and have it help the case for that project, and development/density in general. Throwing some sexual things in here muddies that. IMHO.


Good point, Bromeister.


I agree, this is a really great quality site for architecture. I love this place. There’s just a time and place for everything. lol


This is the BBC for architectural websites!

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I have been watching this site few years and is great. I also appreciate mr. Walpole updates. He is our unpaid photographer. And his phony pictures are a great addition. Have a good day.


Thank you, sir, and welcome to the forum!