NEW YORK | 1100 Sixth Ave |?

The thing that makes most sense is for this to be razed and replaced by a hotel/condo. They can do that with a 100 year ground lease.

Bidding Is Active for HBO Building
Bidding has been robust for the 15-story building at 1100 Sixth Ave. that is currently HBO’s headquarters, according to people familiar with the matter.

About a dozen different investors are vying for the 315,000-square-foot property at West 42nd Street, the people said. It is expected to be vacated by HBO in about three years. HBO is leaving as part of its plan to joins its parent company, Time Warner Inc., at the Hudson Yards development currently under construction.


I’m kinda craving something unique for this parcel. Would be cool to have a Foster design next to an Ingels creation. Almost like a duo of two great architects.

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I agree, Chris.

I hope something nice rises here to complement BoA and BoC.


probably conceptual but still an improvement over the current building as is.

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What a wasted opportunity.

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this is only a contest proposal, it might not be what is eventually built. But yeah nothing exciting. Sixth Avenue could use something flashier.

That’s true, but the article said that this is the likely winner since Brookfield used the same architect to transform its MW building.

Looks like Bank of America is just renovating and re-skinning the existing building and not adding a large addition. Renovations completed by 2022.

360x-1 740x-1


looks to me like they’re set on creating a campus for themselves and will not lease out space to other companies.

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This and the hippodrome next door have future teardown written all over them facelift or not.

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The Hippodrome is horrible, as are several other parcels between 44th and 47th on the east side of 6th.

Glass curtainwall coming down and perimeter scaffolding (including north plaza) installed… This should be interesting.


I noticed yesterday that they were doing a lot of work on the north plaza and the bluestone coffee shop is closed. Got a pic of the south facade scaffolding going up.


wishful thinking but a sky bridge would be cool since both buildings will be occupied by bofa