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Potential development in the future.

May grow to be taller if the assemblage grows, and thus, more air rights.

This could be a sizable neighbor to Vornados two or three assemblages in the area. All which will be towers.


Himmel + Meringoff to sell 235K sf of Midtown air rights

Investors Isaac Chetrit and Ray Yadidi are in contract to buy 235,000 square feet of air rights in the Garment District from Himmel + Meringoff Properties, as part of a larger assemblage play, The Real Deal has learned.

The unused development rights are affiliated with the landmarked Haier Building, the five-story former home of the Greenwich Savings Bank at 1352-1362 Broadway.

The 51,470-square-foot property is far smaller than zoning laws would allow. Over the course of a decade in the 1990s, Himmel + Meringoff acquired the fee, the leasehold, the mortgages and a long-term lease at the property. Then, in 2001, the Flatiron District-based real estate investment firm sold the building to Haier America, the U.S. arm of the China-based appliance maker, for $14 million. Himmel + Meringoff opted to hold onto the air rights. If the air rights deal were to close, Garment District-based investors Chetrit and Yadidi will have gathered an assemblage spanning roughly 375,000 buildable square feet, sources said.

The price was not disclosed. In October, they paid $54.3 million for a one-story retail building at 993 Sixth Avenue from Empire Hotel Group, which scrapped its plans for a 44,000-square-foot hotel, according to property records and sources. Chetrit and Yadidi also own a 21-story, 96,000-square-foot office building at neighboring 989-991 Sixth Avenue, which they bought in 2007 for $49 million, records show. Chetrit, Yadidi and Himmel + Meringoff did not respond to requests for comment. The Himmel + Meringoff air rights are flexible in that they can be used on the same block or transferred across the avenue. The block-long property at 1352-1362 Broadway, constructed in 1922 as the bank’s headquarters, has frontage on Broadway, Sixth Avenue and West 36th Street. The alternate addresses are 981-987 Sixth Avenue and 101-111 West 36th Street. Robert Shapiro, a veteran assemblage broker and president of City Center Real Estate who was not familiar with the deal, said the value of air rights in that area are north of $500 per square foot on average. The Haier Building, which houses the popular events venue Gotham Hall, hit the market in June for an undisclosed amount. Gotham Hall’s net lease across three floors runs through 2033. Further north in Midtown, Chetrit and Yadidi secured $130 million in refinancing for a pair of office buildings at 15 West 47th Street and 22 West 48th Street in October. Vornado Realty Trust also has a sizable assemblage in the area, with three contiguous properties in Penn Plaza on 34th Street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

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Chetrit’s big building which spans from 6th to B’Way is quite nice. It’s also pretty big too and must have a lot of tenants. I hope he transfers the air rights just to the hotel site on 6th. If he does, this tower will be very tall (at least 900’), as this site is quite small.

This is the B’Way side.

This is the 6th Ave side. The entity from whom Chetrit bought the hotel site had already started building it. Presumably, Chetrit will tear it down .


Dec 14, 2015

This is the Age of Ramses, lads!

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Wow! Sweet. This tower would be a nice bookend to The BOA.

Something to look forward to 3 years from now.

The Age of Ramses will last a long time, IMO.

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I agree Lion.

April 22

Here’s the site. It consists of two nice old office buildings, both of which are seen in this photo. There’s also a small corner building that was under construction on the 6th Ave side, which is not visible.

The beautiful Buildng with the columns is landmarked.

A 1,000’+ tower would look quite nice here!

PS: I love this glockenspiel. The figures nove every hour and strike the bell with their hammers.


This will be replacing a decent building, but I welcome a 1,000 footer near One Bryant Park!

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An 80 story kpf sounds great!


Glad to hear at least some news on this site. That unfinished hotel is terrible especially since they still have a construction shed around it and it even blocks a lane of through traffic. Years or crap just for the hotel to be razed. But i bet something very nice will rise here from kpf if they actually go forward. On the other hand - they apparently had portzamparc and nouvel on board before which could have been even crazier/better.

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I drove by today and they have taken down that partially built building and cleared the site and construction shed is gone. May have happened a while ago but just noticed it is clear today. Sorry for the sunglare.


Back in 2017 they reported that the tenant would be out by early 2020

I wonder if the tenant has already left, I am not sure if there is a way to check


Are they razing the tall building or are they building in that empty lot next to it?


Anyone know what’s going on here? Has demolition started on the big buildings? Is the KPF supertall plan even still on? Years ago I read that this was supposed to start construction in 2020, though obviously the pandemic has changed things.

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Perhaps not a Supertall anymore (I can’t read the whole article so IDK if it mentioned the height), but this will still make a big skyline impact because it’s in the area between ESB and the main Midtown skyline mass where there’s not a lot of tall towers.


From SSC, years back

Hopefully the design is good, especially with KPF designing