New Yimby Moderator

is anyone interested in it…

…Being a Yimby Moderator.

I don’t think this is a discussion topic. Its only a discussion for the actual mods


Has no one the interest

A possible fourth Moderator…

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I’m confused. Are you a Mod? I would do it.

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An official communication from me:

We are currently not looking for another Yimby mod and that’s it.
Am info to 007 please stop writing about this topic.

Mackensen M.


I was a moderator for WiredNY - one of the original forums about Architecture & RE Development in NYC. I believe they (Edward S.) made a bad decision regarding how the site was moderated: and I told him so personally. Yimby is doing everything right IMHO - this site is MOD-LIGHT.

WiredNY was excessively moderated; and that approach (and the folks he chose to mod) had a detrimental effect in the long run.

Keep up the good work YIMBY - keep the moderation light, effective as you have always done.

One theory I have is; Internet forums are know TROLL attractors, and trolls often seek out opportunities
to MOD to take Trolling to the next level.


Wow, you were a mod on WiredNY. I remember the old New York forum too.

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Thanks, WiredNY was one of the best Architecture forums; their are several ‘regulars’ here on YIMBY that were also on WNY - I know of at least 4 currently.

Keep up you good works on YIMBY - and beware the TROLLS. :scream:

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