Minecraft Project: Lower Manhattan in 1953

Update: 510 Buildings now.

World Telegram Building
Tenements from the old Washington Market area
Bogardus Building(same neighborhood)
40 Rector Street
Trinity Church(#500, still incomplete)
28 West Street
The Gas station on the site of 90 Washington Street
Diner and tenement at the corner of Rector and Washington
Battery Garage (only the 1950 version, the awful addition was built in 1968)

I’ll add photos after and extend the list as well.


Update again; 512 buildings.

I got bored and built the Whitehall Buildings at last; considering the others are done, that block is nearly complete. The only exception is the small park area, which was pulled up and replaced by that giant black box at 2 Washington Street.

Here are photos;
World Telegram Building and it’s extinct neighbors (WIP)

Laing Stores at Washington and Murray

Downtown Athletic Club and 21 West

Whitehall Buildings (added 2 hours ago)

Gas Station (Diner/tenements not shown) at the site of 90 Washington Street

Aerial of Singer Building showing the newly completed block bound by Greenwich, Albany, Washington and Cedar

Tunnel Area
Trinity Church (Still incomplete)
1950 Battery Parking Garage

These have nothing new, but here are some shots of some lost or forgotten landmarks from a few weeks ago I admire that I thought I’d share. Until next time…


This looks so good! Can’t wait to see the finished Trinity Church!


Thanks. I’m working near the tunnel and Battery Park (and I might add the dun building because of requests) but one day I’ll get back to it.


The Whitehall has always been my favorite Building of yours, no idea why lol🤣


This is really great work dude. It’s really like a time machine. For those of use who didn’t get to see nyc at that time, it’s a real treasure.


Thanks; I try to aim for accuracy as great as possible, I get cast in the shadow though by all of the younger kids that recreate the twin towers terribly and try to show off as if they’re the overlord. One day that’ll change.

But anyways, time for yet another update. We have 535 buildings now. Additions;
294 Broadway, Dun Building - Demolished 1969
296 Broadway - Demolished 1970
298 Broadway, Chanler Building - Demolished 1970
300 Broadway - Demolished 1970
302 Broadway, Vincent Building - Demolished 1970
Thanks to floorplans and different resources from Fordham I was able to give the Vincent Building it’s proper floorplan.

Additions, continued;

291 Broadway
299 Broadway
Broadway Chambers Building
285 Broadway (WIP)
279-283 Broadway, on the site of Reade57(WIP)

Near Battery Park…

Added the South Ferry Building, demolished in 1969 for 1 State Street Plaza. It is actually 6 buildings in one; two 12 story wings, one 6 story wing, and 3 separate 2 story portions.

Began the curvy tenements between the Ferry Building and Chesebrough Building. Not quite done.

On another note, I finally finished the West Side Highway. It is done from Warren Street to Joseph P. Ward Street.

That’s it for updates and addons as of current. I’m planning to do more south near the ferry area. I made a lazy MS Paint chart of upcoming buildings, if all goes to plan.
(I’m going to take this time away to say 15 Moore Street is an awesome building)


Update: 540 total.

I said I would add the above buildings, but it seemed like a bit too much a task at the time.

So I laid out nearly 20 city blocks near the waterfront that were obliterated for the South Street Urban Renewal plan.

The photos are slightly dated, as you can see the old Seamens Church Institute layout in one photo.

Speaking of the old Seamens Church:

It was built in 1907 and demolished 1968-69.

I decided to count the annex as a separate structure in the total count of structures as it is noticably different from the original in color and design, and added much mass to the building.
(Good god the color difference, someone tell me that it was different colored brick they used, and New York wasn’t THAT polluted…)

I also added 3 tenements next to the building on the same block. I didn’t photograph them.

Anyway, other things;

Updated the World Building, and set it back from Park Row for accuracy

Also updated the West-Washington Gas station pavement and front area for accuracy

Tomorrow is my 15th birthday (convenient day as alot happened on August 5th in history, including the WTC groundbreaking in 1966, fire at 1 New York Plaza in 1970, death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, etc). I won’t be taking the day off, though. I hope to get to about 550 buildings by the end of the day. One of those I hope to be 15 Moore Street, as I’m overly excited to build it.

Until next time…


Update again: 545.

Added 45 Wall Street, stood from 1895-1957.
Fair note that 49 Wall Street is now one of my top 10 favorite buildings. Perfect classical box.

Finished the Wall Street Exchange Building(1902) and the Atlantic Mutual Annex(1905) meaning this block is finally done.

Added the Orient Building at 79 Wall Street. Built 1905, destroyed in 1983.

Added Lord’s Court

Added 15 Moore Street at last, a building from 1917 that was annexed around 1920. It is technically the southernmost highrise in the map now.

It was demolished in 1966 for 1 New York Plaza.

I also added an Aircraft Warning Light atop the Singer Building, attempted to recreate the one I’ve seen in photos from the 50s. Very limited thanks to Minecraft being terribly mismanaged.

Nice view of the area where 1 Liberty Plaza and Marine Midland are now:

And to close off, a real photo to show the changes: dated February 16 1968. Tragic.

Until next time…


Question, how north are you planning on Building? Considering now you can technically build the entire island

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A few blocks north of Canal Street or Canal Street itself


Miniature Update: I started near the Brooklyn Bridge area again.

So far I bulldozed the end portion of the bridge to redo it, renovated the World Building, and added a few tenements on the block with the Black Building (1905-1962).

My paranoia is getting to me: can anyone help me locate color pictures of the St. Paul Building from the 1950s? I’ve seen the colored photos and postcards from the early days, but I’m digging for a color photo from the late years, as it was demolished in 1959.

I’ve found a showing of demolition from early 1959:

but still nothing on color photos.


Are you gonna add that elevated train thing on the east side near the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge? And the subway system in general?

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Not sure about the subway but I’ll have to add the 3rd Ave El that runs through the east side of downtown since it was dismantled in 1955


Shameless Update:
I haven’t added anything new but I’m fixing my sleep schedule to allow for actual progress to happen again.

If my plans go through I have a few areas to target:

Target 1:The buildings north of the German American Building, such as the demolished Federal Reserve Warehouse;

Target 2: The piers west of Radio Row on the West Side Highway;

Target 3: Buildings and lots near the Brooklyn Bridge, potentially Tweed’s Courthouse

Target 4: The south block of Chase Manhattan Plaza, including 28 Pine Street (which I can’t find frontal photos of)

Hopefully I can live up to my potential.


Well I’m starting the south Chase Block and I can’t find a frontal or base photo of 30 Pine so I’ll probably have to pay for a tax photo, considering they won’t finish digitalizing the damn things and I won’t be going back to NYC till october at the earliest.

I hope the money doesn’t go in vain


In the mean time, you should start the 3rd Ave El because that would look awesome!

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I’ll probably start it when I spread toward Chatham Square which is the best place it runs through considering the surrounding beauties


Well time for another update:

I added a few more buildings:

-24 Pine Street,
-30 Pine Street,
-Manice Building,
-Home Insurance Building,
-Wadsworth Building,
-36 Pine Street
-40 Pine Street
-Continental Fire Building

All were demolished 1961-62 for the south Chase Plaza area.

I also finished the block off directly east of the Singer Building.

The year is now 1961. The 1 year anniversary is tomorrow, 8/26, and I wanted to try setting the year to what I initially wanted, 1961.

The main plus is I get to have Chase Manhattan without the plaza space…

And 2 Broadway with the old Kemble Building.

I might change it back eventually, but the original 1954 copy was deleted because Microsoft sucks ass so if I go back I might go for 1956-57 to have 49 Wall Street and the Produce Exchange again.

My main hope if I change back is late 1956, so that I can have the Brooklyn Bridge onramps, as well as 20 Broad Street(sadly) but keep 49 Wall Street, 218 Broadway, and the Produce Exchange.

We’ll see how time treats this issue, but I will still progress.


How you gonna get that window design with that semi modern building in the most recent pic?

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