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Note: This project will occur in phases. With the supertall occurring in phase 2. Phase 1 is currently under construction.This thread merges several towers along with my other mega development projects as they are all part of the bigger picture. For sake of organization and neatness.

About Brickell City Centre:

Brickell City Centre is a landmark $1.5 billion, 5.4 million square feet, mixed-use development in downtown Miami from Swire Properties Inc, one of South Florida’s leading international developers of real estate known for its $1 billion master-planned development of Brickell Key. The project’s first phase includes a luxury shopping center, two residential towers, a hotel with serviced apartments, a wellness center and a Class A office building. The project is LEED®-registered for Neighborhood Development – currently one of the largest in the U.S. Sustainability elements include the exclusive CLIMATE RIBBON™, and elevated trellis composed of steel, fabric and a continuous surface of glass that will connect all components of the development and create a comfortable microclimate for shoppers. As the largest private-sector project currently under construction in Miami, Brickell City Centre began vertical construction in 2013 and the first phase of completion is scheduled for the end of 2015. A second phase of construction will begin in the first quarter of 2016.


Project statistics

625,000 square-foot shopping center
128,580 square feet of Class A offices
131,651 square-foot wellness center
820 condominiums in two towers
263 hotel rooms
89 serviced apartments
2,600 parking spaces
An environmentally sophisticated and innovative Climate Ribbon™ architectural feature that will provide active and positive climate control
Phase II: One Brickell City Centre mixed-use tower

Economic Impact

Approximately $1 billion in overall economic impact
Approximately 1,700 construction jobs on average per year for four years
Approximately 3,700 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect jobs after construction completion
$5.4 million in ad valorem taxes for the City of Miami
$1 million in annual revenue from parking surcharges for the City of Miami
$6.1 million in permit and impact fees for the City of Miami
$9.6 million annually in ad valorem taxes from Miami Dade County
$1.2 impact fees for Miami Dade County


  2. (Information on Hotel Portion)
  3. (Main Project Site)
  4. Swire Properties
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Phase 1 Construction:

All credit goes too: QuantumX at skyscrapercity


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Crane Removed As First Tower At Brickell City Centre Tops Off

The first tower at Brickell City Centre is now topped off, and crews are already in the process of removing the first tower construction crane (see photos below).

The topped off tower is the EAST hotel tower, which will include 263 hotel units and 89 serviced apartments. There will also be 24,000-square-feet of event space and a 20,000-square-foot pool deck.

Swire Properties is planning to open the hotel in late 2015.

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The mass that is DT Miami:

Can’t wait for some super talls to join the rank. The Manhattan of the South.

Recommend zooming in.

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Eastern National Bank Vacates Office Building Where Brickell City Centre’s Second Phase Is Planned

An office building that sits on the future site of One Brickell City Centre has been vacated by Eastern National Bank

Brickell City Centre developer Swire Properties purchased the 197,611 square foot office building from Eastern National in 2011 for just $13.1 million. The bank moved from the building, located at 799 Brickell Plaza, in mid-May.

Next door, Swire also owns the former Miami Today headquarters, which has already been demolished, and another office building currently being used as a sales center for condos at Brickell City Centre. The properties will be combined to become the site of the 1,049 One Brickell City Centre mixed-use tower.


I don’t understand the excitement for this tower. It’s ok, but it’s nothing great. If this were planned for the site of 2 WTC or One Vanderbilt, I’d be really disappointed .

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A bit older, but this angle is great. This complex is huge. Can’t wait for the supertall phase to come.

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