JERSEY CITY l 180 Baldwin Ave l FT l 25 + 25 + 7 + 7 FLOORS

I didnt see a thread for this complex here yet. It had an article in new york yimby a while back though.

I took these pics on july 8th. You can see that the old pasta factory building was still about halfway into demo.

As of today, the building is completely gone. There is just a huge mountain of ruble that they are going through and turning most of the concrete from the building into gravel. In the background you can see parts of wtc, url and goldman jc. This complex will be nice I think. Great views of all of nyc and jc and only a couple blocks to the journal sq PATH station.



Still a lot of activity moving around those big piles yesterday.



Statue of liberty in the background.


A few new renderings here.

As of 2 weeks ago the lot looked as it did in the last update. Hope they start soon, though.

I can confirm that, as of this morning, there’s still no activity on site. I live a couple of blocks away.

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Still nothing going on. But this shows the nice views the residents will have of downtown jc and nyc.


Its good that JC is seeing this 1000+ unit projects. I’ll be curious to see the new population estimates coming out in a couple of weeks. For JC, and for NYC.

For sub-county incorporated places, intercensal estimates will not come out until May. The estimates coming out this month are for counties and parishes. So we will find out estimates for each NYC borough but not for Jersey City alone.

From July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016, Hudson County population estimate increased from 673,765 to 677,983, the largest numeric increase of any NJ county (even though Hudson is the fourth-largest county by population) and the second-largest percentage-wise increase of any NJ county (after Ocean County, whose Census estimate grew at a slightly higher rate).

All-time high from 1930: 690,730 people.

In the past few days some construction materials and a construction trailer have been delivered to this site.


I’ve seen trucks coming out before too. Photos by Oron_Zchut This might be starting. Also, this whole area near Journal Square is getting immense amounts of low-mid rise developments. I should start a topic just to document it here


Well, nothing’s been moving here for the last two years. One part of the site has been used for staging for the nearby 134 Baldwin Ave. With that wrapping up, that should no longer be the case.

However…when I passed by here yesterday, there was an excavator working on a pile of dirt (opposite side from the staging area). This probably doesn’t mean much, but it’s the first sign of movement in a few years.


Hopefully this one is getting built. It adds a bit of bulk to Journal Square