JERSEY CITY | Harborside Tower | 557 FT | 40 FLOORS

SSP user CIA found this.

1.2 million square feet too! :blush:


This will be right by 99 Hudson as well. Compare both renderings and you will see the proximity to each other.

Compare to:


The shape is ok, but it’s great to see JC boom!

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Yeah, this is one of those cases where I don’t care so much about the design as the fact that there’s another piece of good-sized filler in JC.

I believe its replacing a parking lot too so thats always a plus.

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This is like the area in Simcity 4 where you can never get $$$ commercial towers to grow and end up with blocks and blocks of stumpy but substantial mid-rise co-$$ towers.

In any case it’s great to see JC continuing to fill out and hopefully as this, 99 Hudson, and others rise, the waterfront hits a critical mass… it’s getting close!


That’s why I think if they add a small police kiosk and a small plaza to increase desirability, the area will boom even more.

It looks good!


Anyone gonna post the new renderings for Jersey Digs? I can’t because I don’t know how to btw.:cry:

nothing new design-wise it seems.



You beat me to it @YIMHudson lol

There’s a PDF showcasing the tower and Harborside in general. Some more renders on there as well. I wonder who will lease the large retail spaces considering that there’s that ordinance where chain stores aren’t allowed. I hope this building isn’t a part of it!

Also a newer render of the renovation of Harborside 1-3


Speak of the devil!

I do wonder why JC hasn’t grown as fast with regard to office development. Residential wise, it has, but you’d think office would be growing much faster. I wonder if the city is offering incentives towards companies to attract them and make them go over the Hudson. There must be something that’s lagging.

Not to say that office hasn’t grown, but I would of expected it to be much greater.

This is something that Newark can capitalize on. They need to start treating companies like if it was a big Amazon opportunity. Steal them from NY and into JC. Newark and JC need to be growing much faster IMO, and on an aggressive level.


Jersey City is a spillover market for NYC. Zoning in NYC is less strict for offices than for residential. For instance, NY State law caps residential FAR cap at 12 even in the highest-density districts in Manhattan, but commercial FAR goes up as high as 33 in districts like Hudson Yards. That means that in Hudson Yards, you can only build 1/3 of the space as residential. NYC and NY State also offer huge incentives for offices, including tax breaks and credits. Upzoning of residential properties comes with mandatory inclusionary housing requirements which reduce the incentive to go through an upzoning process, while commercial upzonings are not subject to this same penalty.

Overall, the effect of these policies and others is that supply of residential is much more restricted in NYC than supply of commercial space. The unmet residential demand spills over into Hudson County.

I saw a graph recently showing that NYC has added about 500,000 more jobs in the past 10 years than the number of apartments it has added. Where are all those workers gonna live? Increasingly they’re crowding into smaller and smaller apartments, splitting ever-increasing rents with roommates, or they’re moving to JC, Hoboken, etc.


Here is the site as of today- still an active parking lot for now.


Still no date when it’s expected to break ground.^^^


This weekend is the NYC event Open House New York. I went to the FXCollaborative (former FXFowle) studio open house and they featured drawings and renderings of this project. Dated as of March 2017. Hopefully they get this project started soon.



Having a brainfart, but what is the name of those 3 towers on the right of that model? I know one is built, does anyone know when the other 2 will be constructed? I’m a fan of the one that is already built.

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