JERSEY CITY | 808 Pavonia Ave | FT | 55 + 49 FLOORS

The developer met with the neighborhood civic association yesterday to outline their plan. There will be two residential towers with a total of 1,200 units, probably in the 60-story range (I missed the part of the meeting where they divulged the exact heights). The current 1,000-space parking garage will be completely demolished. The new building will include 450 garage spaces.

  • Timeline: They will seek Planning Board approval within the next month. They hope to break ground within two years as soon as they line up financing, and finish the full project within seven to eight years.
  • Open Space: The plan includes an esplanade along the edge of the site, overlooking the PATH tracks. They also hope to build a park at the end of Van Reipen Ave, and a pedestrian plaza at the end of Magnolia Ave.
  • Arts District: They seek to connect Mana Contemporary and the Loews Theater with a series of cultural spaces and galleries, including a black-box theater. These will be contained in 2 or 3 additional low-rise buildings on the same site as the towers.

They presented renderings and an updated site plan at the meeting. These will be emailed to the community in the next week. I’ll post them as soon as I receive them.

To give you an idea of where this site is located, it’s on the gray parcel marked “10” on this zoning map (the orange parcels marked “2” are the PATH right-of-way):

Here’s a site plan for the development from September of last year. Up is east in this map. The towers will be Bldg 1 and Bldg 4. The landmarked Loews Theater is the rightmost building (unmarked, to the right of Site 6).


Great update. Thanks for attending the meeting and posting info here.

2 more potential 60+ fl towers for jsq!

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Yup! Between this and the rival kushner plans on the square, we’re looking at 5000 apartments in eight 55-75-story towers within a two minute walk of the train station!

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Website launched:

The towers are 55 stories with 591 residential units and 49 stories with 589 units.


From the website:


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JERSEY CITY | 808 Pavonia Ave | 55 FL + 49 FL | ? + ? FT

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Great updates!

And perfect timing too- i just walked past today and took a pic from almost the same angle as the first render.



I hope this isn’t another stalled development. Weren’t they also the original developers of the current Kushner owned One Journal Square?


A user on SSP said that this was going back to the planning board for re-approval


I thought I read somewhere they just got another year extension. Would love to hear what the scoop is.


As C. says in the link, Planning Board approves site plans for 3 years, with two one-year extensions possible. Projects unable to get financing in the first three years usually apply for the extensions, and they’re granted as a matter of right.

Sadly, it doesn’t say as much as you’d hope about the actual status of the project. For instance, One Journal Square looks like it will run out its final extension in one year. It’s OK, though, because site plan approvals are almost automatic for projects that conform to the text of the zoning (which 1JS and this project do).

It doesn’t surprise me that this project has had trouble finding financing. It includes a lot of really expensive givebacks such as public parks and amphitheaters and projects of this height rely on more expensive construction techniques than smaller projects. All of which means that the project needs to command very high luxury rents in order to be financially viable. And it doesn’t seem like there’s enough of a market for such high rents in Journal Square yet (which is a good thing, even though it would be nice to have the public amenities this project would provide).