JERSEY CITY | 437 Marin Blvd (6th St Embankment) | FT | 45 + 35 FLOORS

This may be a few years away, but it’s gonna be a great addition to one of the prettier parts of the city.

The settlement, which has been agreed upon in principle but not finalized, would allow New York developer Albanese Organization to build two residential towers at the eastern end of the six-block embankment. The city, in turn, would gain control of the rest of the land and build an eight-acre elevated park, similar to New York’s High Line, Fulop said.

The developer will not receive any tax abatements and will be required to use union labor to build its two residential towers – 45- and 35-story buildings – with a total of 875 residential units.


Great news. Let’s see if this becomes another development corridor like the High Line.


Great news. Let’s see if this becomes another development corridor like the High Line.

Very unlikely. The High Line was surrounded by abandoned warehouses and parking lots. In contrast, most of the 6th St embankment is flanked on both sides by 19th-century brownstones and brick row houses that are landmarked. The brownstone stoops, rusticated stone retaining wall of the embankment, narrow alleyways, and overhanging vines make this a picturesque corner of the city.

Here’s a pic I took of a part of the embankment that will be preserved (the retaining wall on the right)

Here are some Google Streetviews:


I’m glad how this turned out. This will be a great addition to an already nice part of the city. Hopefully increases foot traffic and prompts further pedestrian friendly development in the adjacent areas


The people who own those brownstones just saw their property value jump then.


found these pictures


If it is actually built out like that, it will be pretty nice. One of the few times I’ve seen a design for a building and not had much to criticize. Respects the embankment space and adds to it. Feels very Highline.


So now there are two alternatives on the table: the 45+35-floor double-tower design above, or a 55-floor single-tower design. In a similar situation across the street, on the site of Bed Bath & Beyond, the developer is pursuing a taller single-tower design instead of two shorter towers. I believe the embankment developer also prefers the single-tower design here.