JERSEY CITY | 417 Communipaw Ave | FT | 18 FLOORS

This land is currently a brownfield adjacent to Berry Lane Park, in a very low-rise and industrial section of the city. It was previously the home of a Steel Technologies Corp steel plant.

The city had planned to acquire this site to expand Berry Lane Park. But it seems they never came up with the money.

Now a developer has proposed a 210-foot, 20-story tower on the site, with up to 375 apartment units. An existing Steel Technologies foundry building would be repurposed into a multi-level parking garage. A rec center would also be built on site, as well as the possibility of a 14,000 sq ft grocery store along Communipaw Ave.

5% of units would be designated as affordable housing.

I’m very YIMBY, but I’m not too enthusiastic about this one. The site plan is kind of retro… tower in a park with surface parking and way too much garage space. This looks a lot like typical plans for Stamford or White Plains, not JC.

This one would need a zoning change from the City Council to happen, so it’s very preliminary.

Here is the link to the proposed zoning amendment:


I completely agree with you there. This area is becoming way more dense and new development in the area deserve urban planning in the same mindset. The rec center is a nice touch, but I’d still rather see an extension of the park than new housing (especially when only 5% is affordable). Or perhaps a tower with the rec center included in the base and expanded park space.


Yea, this one seems out of place. The whole site plan is very suburban. In addition (not that it personally bothers me) - the proposed tower is more than double any other building, both proposed and built, in the area - and I doubt it’s really going to look the part. I wouldn’t mind a more urban plan here, or at least an extension of the park with towers on both sides rather than a parking garage and a tower in the grass.

A note - the parking garage is not in a re-purposed building. The only repurposed building is the small office (Building 4) on Communipaw Ave.


Looks like the old proposal is dead and this one has been redesigned significantly…

"Skyline is including a first-of-its-kind public STEM and recreation center in their proposal. The two-story facility, tentatively called the Frederick Douglass STEM-Recreation Center, would include 22,000-square feet of space consisting of state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and space for music, art, and dance studios.

The fitness area of the building is set to include a rock-climbing wall, elliptical and weight rooms, a sauna and a spacious concession area. The facility, which will be deed to the city upon completion, is expected to cost about $5.5 million and will be entirely funded by the developer."

“The development as proposed also includes a Minority Business Enterprise Success Incubator and Micro Plaza, which will offer eight affordable commercial working spaces for minority-owned businesses and two market-rate commercial spaces. The proposal would create 40 public parking spaces and build a park pathway to Berry Lane Park.”