FORT LAUDERDALE | DNA (300 & 330 North Andrews Avenue) | 500 + 500 FT | 40 + 45 FLOORS

Roof top: 472-feet
Mechanical enclosure: 500-feet


Wow! These look great!


I felt the same!


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In some respects, I prefer Ft L to Miami. There are less rowdy people.

Miami(cough ConeyIsland of Florida) Beach used to be the Spring Break destination for many NY, ATL, Philly teens. Now it’s the destination all year around. FL is much more laid back

Parts of South Beach are like the Bronx with palm trees. The crowds are very rough.

Sunny Isles is more like Coney Island (many Russian Jews).

@robertwalpole Yeah when I said Coney Island I meant the hood part of Coney Island. But that’s a new one lol “Bronx with palm trees”. South Beach used to be a classy area. Now there’s nothing but fights and kids. :unamused:

It’s sad because it’s so beautiful.