Empire Station Complex (Penn District) | 8 Towers | 748-1300 FT

The last thing midtown Manhattan needs is more car congestion with multiple car lanes making the city less pedestrian friendly. What is needed is more investment in mass transit. Let’s leave the highways for Houston and Phoenix.


are you high?

Are you? Seriously, what do you want? The average temperature to go down, or for people to have solid transportation? I know you want things to be eco friendly and “human scale” but we are fighting the same battle, and we need our heads in the game. Let’s not get distracted by fringe interests.

Don’t be daft. For someone who claims to be interested in becoming an architect you clearly have much to learn. A highway cutting across midtown? Get real.


Hey, I’m as real as they come. It would be a massive improvement, because Manhattan is literally the only thing standing in the way of 2 interstate highways from being completed.

Midtown could gain a new visual arterial roadway as well, realigning the interests from what is certain to be a midtown plateau stretching the width of the island to a new paradigm with a demand for extremely high density on both sides of the new mid-manhattan expressway, which Midtown South lacks in. This highway would bring the Midtown Manhattan skyline south in a major way eventually.

Lower Manhattan could gain a similar experience with the Lower Manhattan Expressway, with new development pressures already being extended from Two Bridges to TriBeCa. The only thing missing is some sort of project that could drive demand further up the island and closer to merging the two skylines. The LOMEX provides that, and a brutalist resurgence which is what New York needs.

You also have plenty of remaining smaller areas in Union Square, Greenwich Village and Alphabet City that will remain. All you ned to worry about maintaining then is anything between Houston Street and 23rd Street, which should be easy as those areas are considered no-man’s land anyways.

I won’t even entertain the pure idiocy of what you just wrote. With that said I’m moving on and going to bed.


Through-Running is the best solution for Penn Station since you can widen platforms, add a few tracks, and ultimately build fewer tracks compared to building with a current setup of terminating NJT and LIRR at Penn while also being able to handle more passengers. Highways are not the answer. It’s asking for more pollution caused by automobiles, traffic, and ‘visual’ pollution as well.


I don’t mind this “highway” proposal but consider how many people will react to this. They’ll strongly oppose this greatly, although it’ll be interesting what the proposal will look like.

That’s why the Gateway Project needs to go through

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People need to walk around and take mass transit. All of these cars and abundant connivence has made us very unhealthy as a society.


I always envisioned an underground highway, beneath Manhattan, stretching from downtown to uptown. But nothing above ground though.

Sometimes I wonder just how many posters here live, or have lived, in the city.


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You clearly do not live in Manhattan. Only 22% of households have a car. You really think the rest take taxis every day? What?!


If only Manhattan had some kind of underground infrastructure capable of moving hundreds of thousands of people per hour. Someone should look into that.


Thread traffic in new york? not Empire Station ?

was referring to how the FDR should be underground, similarly to how they did in Seattle. or they should get rid of it altogether. lol

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