Discussion | How is a skyscraper built these days?

I wonder if skyscrapers will be built with nanotechnology in the future (if it’s there at all)

Well first you’ll need to describe what you mean by that.
Material design? We already work with things on micro and nano scales.

As of right now that word amounts to little more than a buzzword

Yeah, that. The reason I asked is that since I read/heard about the conceptual Space Elevator, there were talks about using materials such as nanotubes. Oh, right! Sorry for the misunderstanding lol. I meant to say nanotubes instead of nanotechnology.

So what I am trying to say is that if possible, will future skyscrapers and supertalls (and maybe megatalls) be built using nanotubes for material design?


Great video above. It’ll be really interesting how nanotubes would play out for future developments, perhaps even the space elevator. :slight_smile:

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