296 Wythe Ave Williamsburg

Want to hear a crazy NY Story?

Im a home owner next to 296 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The developer, who paid the highest price for this 1 story warehouse, wants to use loopholes to turn this site into residential rental building. But there is one catch they failed to notice. The back wall of the warehouse is what’s called a Party Wall. Thats a wall that’s owned not by one person, but two! They didn’t realize that. And now they are furious, threatening us, threatening to tear down the wall. Its now in court where 150 years of law will explain to them that a Party Wall is owned by two Parties. Otherwise it would be what’s called a Wall. Meanwhile they have wasted 2 years at this point stalled out. Just bracing the wall by court order.


I sincerely hope the developer succeeds and the neighborhood NIMBYs are thwarted.

Williamsburg desperately needs new housing, not empty 1-floor warehouses.


so because it’s a shared wall, that warehouse is now destined to forever remain a warehouse??
even a frog dreams of becoming a prince if given enough time


Why don’t they just keep that wall up and build up next to it? Problem solved.


This apartment building across the street is way nicer than the warehouse you’re trying to keep from getting Redeveloped. The question is, why are YOU fighting over a wall?


I think Frank came to the wrong forum for sympathy lol


How about a demolition permits - http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/JobsQueryByNumberServlet?requestid=5&passjobnumber=321423697&passdocnumber=01&_ct=4dwrq07m9wtb


Assuming all other ducks are lined up in a row, of course they can build without tearing down the wall. It’s just going to cost them more because they have to brace and support it during foundation and construction work. We’ve all seen that sort of thing with steel used to support stuff while a foundation is dug and the first few floors go up. That’s what has to happen here too.

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